The Team

Management Team:

  • Project Team Lead:  Jessica Gaskin (MSFC)
  • Co-Principal Investigator:  Steven Christe (GSFC)
  • Project Manager:  Leigh Smith(MSFC)
  • Project Systems Engineer:  Andy Young (MSFC)
  • Solar Project Scientist :  Albert Shih (GSFC)
  • Astro. Project Scientist :  Colleen Wilson-Hodge (MSFC)

Technical Team:

  • SAS Systems Engineer:  Marcello Rodriguez (GSFC)
  • SAS Electrical Engineer:  Alexander Cramer (GSFC)
  • Payload Systems Engineer:  Garrick Merrill (MSFC)?
  • Thermal Engineer:  Brian O’Connor (MSFC)
  • Gondola Mech. Engineer:  Alex Sobey (MSFC)
  • Power Systems:  Marlon Holt (MSFC)
  • Software:  TBD (MSFC)

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